International Tracking Symposium

The community of trackers in Europe is growing which is excellent news. We are sure CT is playing a large role in this as we see more and more students joining evaluations throughout Europe, often outside their own home countries.
Countries where evaluations have been held now include England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Slovakia.

With this in mind we feel the time is right to stage an International Tracker Symposium (ITS), to give trackers a chance to get together, attend workshops and discuss applications for wildlife across our region.
It is hoped that should the idea prove popular it can become a regular event every other year and rotating in different European countries.
Important note: the ITS is a non-profit event!

Tracking is currently an underused part of the field naturalists skill set. Although our event will focus primarily on tracking we are also keen to share skills with other naturalists in similar and related disciplines.
Tracking workshops, ranging from track & sign, trailing, but also in specialist areas related to these subjects. Besides this a series of various talks will be offered.
We have many highly skilled naturalists and trackers who have already offered to share their knowledge via talks and/or workshops. An exact itinerary of events will be published soon, but here is a short glimpse in what will be offered.

-basic and advanced Track & Sign
-basics of trailing
-gait analysis
-bird language and alarm calls
-intro to insect sign on land
-trackplates and plaster casting
-and more!

-trailing wildlife
-principals for aging tracks and signs
-ground burrowing insect and their holes
-the evolution of human hunting
-tracks & signs of reptiles on Israeli sand dunes
-tracking and monitoring Iberian wolf
-wolves. tree logs and tree regenaration
-the hot trail
-the fine art of Track & Sign
-and more

The complete itinerary with more explanation (who is offering what?) will be published at a later date.

The things you can find in fox scat

We are very happy that the whole event can be offered at a beautiful location in the North of Holland. Easy to reach by car, train, plane, bus and bike. All accommodation and food will be well taken care of.
This also means that we, as trackers, will be together for the entire ITS, a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other.
In addition, the location is situated in a beautiful area with many opportunities to offer the variety of workshops.

(A date in 2020 was set for the ITS, but due to corona, we decided to cancel).
New date: JULY 30th – AUGUST 1 – 2021
Note: you are most welcome to arrive a day in advance (thursday 29th)!
This will give each and everyone the opportunity to arrive during this day, as most of you will have to travel. In the evening of the 29th we will officially ‘open’ the first ITS!
Please block this weekend in your diary, and help us by sharing this news with your own tracking and wildlife contacts.
Also if you have a particular area of expertise and would like to offer a talk or a workshop please get in touch with a brief outline of your idea we may still be able to squeeze you in.

We would like to offer the opportunity for some delegates to stay on after the event and attend a Track & Sign or a Trailing evaluation. We are also looking into the option of offering a Track & Sign specialist Eval.

Any feedback on this concept would also be gratefully received even as simple as whether you are interested or not.

Many thanks!
We will keep you posted via our news mails and the cybertracker Europe facebook page and here of course. Hope to see you in Holland! We look forward to it.

Best regards, Herzliche Grüsse, Hartelijke groeten,
John Rhyder (UK), Joscha Grolms (D), René Nauta (NL)

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